"Forked Staircase"

May 1, 2010
They have filled my head with false preaching,
Told me I was going somewhere,
that I was going to be someone.
Repeated how intellectual I was,
How ambitious.

I have heard the fictional stories of love,
the lies through clenched teeth,
as they whisper it to you, "I Love You."

I fought side by side with my enemy,
helped them achieve victory,
Then felt the piercing sting of the knife,
as I retrieve it from my broken spine.

I have fallen into the trench of compassion,
just as they filled it with water to drown me.

I have tasted the succulent meat,
only to find that it was blatant murder.

Every staircase leaves us two options;

To climb it with the overwhelming feeling of satisfaction,
or to stand just two steps away,
and fall slowly,
breaking each fragile bone and to lie lifeless at the bottom.

Make your choice.

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