She Means the Opposite

May 1, 2010
They left her behind,
Gave up altogether.
In a world of her own,
She is wasting away.
No longer caring,
No longer cared for.
Hiding behind fears,
Nothing left she can do.
They walked away from her,
After she turned her cheek.
Farther and farther,
Harder and harder,
She falls everyday.
Nothing to look forward to,
Nothing to live for.
Wishing and waiting,
Gets her nowhere.
Life only consisting of,
If only's and What if's.
Regretting every minute,
Of things that can never be changed.
She now must deal,
With the hell she created for herself.
No one to hold on to,
No one to hold her up.
Never depending on herself,
It was so easy to get by.
All has been lost,
All will never be regained.
Even if she gets back on her feet,
The past will never be forgotten.
Time and time again,
She will be dragged back down.
She will fight back,
But will tire of the struggle.
Once again,
She will remain as before.
Being slowly killed,
By her mistakes.

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soccerismylife said...
May 22, 2010 at 1:50 pm
wow amazing poem. sad though. i know someone like this. i hope they get better. i try and try again to help them, but trust is absent from them. this is a really great poem
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