Possible Possibilities

May 1, 2010
These people, they travel,
Weakening on such a
Violent path.
Hurt, damaged,
Yearning to be saved.
Searching, searching
For a comfort, a shelter.
Ripping, killing, tearing.
All hope is bulldozed
Forgotten, torn
Like it was never existent.
Difficulty to stay
Trapped inside themselves.
What's left
Is caving in
Forced to start over
Like a flower,
Stepped on before it's chance
To bloom.
Utter obliteration.
Thousands of survivors
Are proof it can happen,
The path of destruction
Can be traveled.
The hardest-hit
Can still

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CarolynQ said...
May 23, 2010 at 11:02 am
Wow... I love your choice of words :]  Good job!!
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