April 8, 2010
By , San Antonio, TX
It’s drastic.
Like the sky’s horizon,
I changed from a bright blue, to an orange red,
to a solid black.

What happened?

Was it someone who changed my life?
Was it the ticking hands of time?
Was it maturity?

How about all of the above?

That feeling,
as if you could live your whole life and
never be afraid.

Like when your mom would hold you,
and you would feel the warmth of her comfort,
all around you.

Sudden changes catch you off guard.
I was at the age of twelve.
I had been the same person until then.
I was the only blooming flower
who already wanted to be that beautiful,
full grown rose.

You see, I wanted to
I was tired of being the old me.
I was tired of that same feeling I had felt
all my life.
I used to be the pride and joy of my parents.
I loved them.

They loved me.

Then I met my cousin.
No one could even imagine what he did.
What he did to me.
What he promised he wouldn’t do.
I would tell,
but I can’t.


Me too.
My stories are locked up,
bolted behind a steel door.
God only knows where the key lies.
I trusted him.
He trusted me.
But that trust was easily

Like glass, I should have known not to hurt myself
trying to put whatever it was back

After all was said and done,
I could never go back to the old me.
My innocence was gone,
And nothing could heal those scars,
hidden beneath my skin.

Now I have to try to put that once happy smile,
back on my face.
I try so hard,
unlike back then when it just was.

I’m so

And my scars can tell you that.
They remind me every single day,
that I am no longer a little girl.
Proof that reality can change you

Too fast, too soon.
My years go by so quickly now.
Like the leafs during autumn,
that fall off the branches.
Eventually leaving only the bare tree, wise, and old.

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