May 1, 2010
By , Espoo, Finland
He -- had an eye for the little world,
things beyond the looking glass
charm, strange, up down

She—had her mind set for the big universe
things beyond the cracked pavement
of her little hamlet
Cities, countries, continents!

How could two people
From such different frames of reference

He—was a physicist.
Thought he saw in her a machine,
A little forest of cogs and wheels
to turn at his every whim.

She – was a dreamer.
She saw in him her ticket out,
a leap out of the abyss

He –thought about strings
The strings of the universe,
the arteries that pulse with hadrons and mesons

She – wove her dreams into the strings
of her Steinway & Sons.
Tapped them with her fingers
on the black and ivory teeth.

No strings attached.

And like two antiparticles,
a positron and an electron,
They collide in their passion
to consume each other
With hatred.
Day after day.

There is no error correcting code now.
No formula, no algorithm.
Just the faint hum of quarks and bosons.
And their hearts float with feathery
Into the deep sleep of the dark silence.

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