I shall not (Drip by Drip)

April 30, 2010
I shall not put on a brave face when i am crumbling inside.
It's as if no one cares, you look at me and see that everything is fine... Goes to show you know nothing about me.
"Brave" little girl walking the streets with friends,
her smiles and laughs of fake hope
I cry alone because i am alone
To not feel alive to not breath at all.
But for where do i stand in this word?
Lost hope and shades of glimmer fading beyond a reach on non passion fixes...
To say I'll be fine is an understatement.
To promise, to break, to hurt.
Unpleasant violet red, it is almost to late.
To do what i do and be who i am, conquering much of all on my own.

Rid me of an evil sadness of insanity,
Thus i shall not cry.
I shall not scream!
Thus shall i not love anyone but me?
Drip by boring drip the rain falls on my face...the only time one can cry in public
Thank you for never noticing
Death written across my face.
I shall not thank you of your horrible ways,
I shall not let you in and give you love of a love to great for anyone soul.

Drip by drip the violet red gets darker and pours harder drip by drip.
To run away and i place of no mistakes
Dark padded walls of cryptic things
Crying is my hobby, Blood is my joy
Tears by tears and drip by drip,
It's the only safe escape.
Tapping my pencil against the book.
Drip by drip the violet red still flows, as my body grows weaker.
I cry out "SAVE ME!"
DRIP BY DRIP till i almost reach the end.
Drip by drip, falling slowly to the floor and breath slow and steady.
My eyes begin to close as i fight to keep them open...
Drip by drip...till there's nothing left.

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BlairCuttie1495 said...
May 21, 2010 at 5:24 am
I really like this. I think it shows a lot of thought and emotion
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