The Girl Behind the Mask

April 30, 2010
By write.forever BRONZE, Becket, Massachusetts
write.forever BRONZE, Becket, Massachusetts
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I’m the girl behind the mask.
No one notices me until I’m at bat.
No one understands how important I am.
To return the ball back to the pitcher.
Or tag someone out when they try to steal home.

I’m the girl behind the mask.
No one else wants to be me.
To be dressed in black from head to toe.
Made people wonder how I’d survive being that hot.
I don’t care about the heat.
I only care about being something that others are not.

I’m the girl behind the mask.
No matter what people say,
I enjoy the position I play.
I’m the girl behind the mask,
And I’ll always be that girl behind the mask.

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