You Are One

April 26, 2010
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How dare you kill him?
Did the thought cross your mind?
Did you do it on a whim?
Like you do every time?

Did you think about what you were doing to me?
Did you even care?
You say you don’t know with what to agree.
A heart that’s divided in ugly despair

I don’t miss who you became.
Who you’re impersonating
To escape your own blame
I miss the man who’s incinerating
Under your apparent game

I watch the man I love
Burn to flames
Hoping you’ll do something.
Something sane
Pour water on him!
Take his place!
The man who loves me
Is being disgraced

I cry while my chest heaves.
Something wants to come out.
My heart still believes.
Even if it’s shrouded in doubt

I pray that you’ll realize your crime
Before it’s too late
Stop this while there’s still time.
This isn’t your fate.

Man who loves; Man who kills...
You are one.

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