its over

April 26, 2010
By tkzld SILVER, Farmington, Connecticut
tkzld SILVER, Farmington, Connecticut
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participate in the neverending joy and sorrow that is the world

sitting here now
feeling tired
trapped, pinned down

keeping this facade is all that can be done now

if there wasnt this
life would seem so hard to do

its sad
but true

life probably would stop without it

changing the facade is neccesary

but as neccesary as it is

its not happening
the cycle needs to start anew

one day everything will happen

just as it was told before
on that day

that day where promises were exchanged

it was one sided
at least from one perspective it was

there is too much to do to fix it

its over theres nothing that can be done to repair this
it just keeps snowballing

and when it hits the stopping point

thats when death will come to make its call

and thats when regrets will be told to the reaper
and the reaper will laugh at all that was said

and as long as life was the death was quick and silent
in the night

right where a scar once was
there is now a open wound

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