death of beloved

April 26, 2010
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death is something that you can see

something you hear
something you feel

it is something that is surreal

you dont belive it until youre sure it happend

you dont belive that there is that possibility
you think everyone lives forever

anyone that you see as beloved

but time passes and people die

you cry and cry

you can cry for years until your eyes go dry

then the well dries up
you cant cry anymore

you want to but you cant

you look at their grave and kneel and punch and scream

but you cant have them back

you cant do anything
its the law of life and death

it is ironclad you cannot break it

so why not just join them in that grave

be with them forever
you miss them so be with them

if it was only that easy
there are things that tie you
things that bind you

to the realm you call earth

it is diffrent for all

but the reason is somewhat the same

love, caring, devotion, promise

all of these things are things that bind us

but what happens when you cant see anymore

you cant breathe but youre still alive?

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