My Home of Love

April 26, 2010
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Counting back the days to my one true prime,
where the wind would rustle the leaves and no shadows would show.
Running to the barn mid-morning in order to search for eggs,
my company was the family I love,
In the barn the chickens would sleep and escape to their slumbering dreams,
an upstairs loft led my escape to the world beyond.
Shafts of light pierced through the holes in the rusted metal roof,
it revealed the life that I longed to keep,
I wood pile outside of the barn was my fortress,
climbing it daily and sitting on top,
time itself would seem to stop.
Cows are grazing the field,
chickens are flying the coop,
my heart is for the freedom.
On top of the barn there was a ledge where I would sit,
while the purple and oranges of sunset would blaze like a fire.
Fresh mountain air blows down from the north,
as the sweet smells of brownies floats through the air,
The dog would chase us howling as if to say,
“I will catch you!”.
Biking down the road coming to a stop at the start of the barn,
the rush of thanks for the wonderful days of my youth.
Barking approval from the dog as I run with my family,
sleeping on the trampoline in the cold night air,
as hundreds of bats pass over our heads to their unknown destinations,
this time of life is the one I could never regret.
The country to me is like a cookie to a baby,
Unbelievably delicious!
For I will never forget my home.

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