April 26, 2010
I remember when you said I was your baby girl,
I remember when you said I was your whole world,
I remember when we would hold hands in the park,

We used to talk on the phone for hours,
We used to have endless things to talk about,
We used to watch the sun rise together,
We used to…

You used to pull my hand to give me another hug,
You used to kiss me good-bye five times before you would actually leave,
You used to make me feel like I actually mattered

You said how much you cared,
You said loved me with all your heart,
What happened?

I know,
You ran around with three other girls,
You told each of them they were your whole new world,
You even pretended you didn’t know me,
You said I was your biggest mistake!

Now you don’t hug me,
Now you don’t kiss me,
Now you don’t even say good-bye…

I’ll always miss you… Ya jerk

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