Loose Lips Tell Good Secrets

April 30, 2010
You got a set of loose lips
Telling all your secrets
We know all of your plans
And all your little regrets
We know that you lie
It happens all the time
You always fake it
You’re always playing
Keep it to yourself
And find somebody else friend

You’ve got a set of loose lips
Run behind my back
And sell me out
It’s how you get your ups and downs
You’re always trying to deny it
We know you’re lying
It’s what you’re all about
You’ve got a set of loose lips
I wish you knew by now
Nothing get’s by me
Don’t even try me
I don’t understand you
I tried to help you out
You sold me out
You really messed up
And now you’re dressed up
It’s no surprise he let you down
Don’t run to me with your sobbing story
I’ve heard it before
He shut you out
You got a set of loose lips

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liisangel said...
May 28, 2010 at 1:56 pm
I love this! :D:D:D  Ohh so added to my favorites :)
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