Earthquake Poem

April 30, 2010
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Energy bubbling and building up,

Unable to hold on, it was bound to erupt.

It had been fighting this for 50 years

But it couldn't be stopped - it was already here.

The battle underground was the earth's crust

Inflicting itself like a madman it must

Stop a half decade fight, or rest at least

Its plates colliding like primitive beasts.

The underground war had finally ended.

Against the tremors, land undefended

Is put into motion about to cause chaos;

Lives are now left to a dreaded coin toss.

The earth begins to rumble, and cracks start to appear

They were too unprepared, yet it was their worst fear.

Children, men and women all shout out and call

As their houses above them start to shake and fall.

With the fate of the land decided already

Trees are uprooted whilst trying to stay steady.

Like marbles on the floor, boulders roll

Buildings collapse, starting the death toll.

People buried under the rubble of their house

But forced to stay still and quiet as a mouse

In case air becomes short and they forget how to breathe

Will people come looking or will they just leave?

Lives are altered, left in devastation

From this natural disaster affecting a nation.

Now all seems still but their minds run amok

Awaiting the inevitable and cruel aftershock.

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