Untrue Love

April 30, 2010
There's no other words
That I'm willing to speak.
I don't want to talk
But I hear the floor creak.
The door opens slowly
As you enter the room.
You walk over toward me
As my heart fills with doom.
You look at me smiling
And notice my tears.
Your smile slowly fades
And your face fills with fears.
You ask me what's wrong
I answer, "I'm fine."
You accept this answer
But you know that I'm lying.
Your face is lovely
Your skin is fair.
You say you love me
But the feelings aren't there.
The tears again come
And you back away.
You say you are done
And go on your way.
I fall to my bed
With my heart broke in two.
I hear your voice in my head
And I realize I love you.
I call out your name
But you never come in.
I know you are gone
And the torture begins.

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