Dear Mama

April 25, 2010
By Sarah Marchisio GOLD, Rochester, Massachusetts
Sarah Marchisio GOLD, Rochester, Massachusetts
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What happened to us?
You got sick when you promised nothing would happen to you
Not sick with something that I can help
Not something that is a little boo-boo
Why did this happen to us?

Why is everything turning against us?
I thought I’d never have to question what would happen
That you would watch me graduate
What you would leave on your plate
But now I am, and Mama I’m scared

I never thought I’d have to say these words I do
That you’re sick, and that no one knows what will happen
But somehow we do, and all along I knew
I will never forgive myself for not saying that to you
That I knew you were sick and time is short

Mama I’m scared
I’m scared one day too soon I won’t have my mom
But this love we share
That’s what will make it alright

Even if we lose

You know I’m loved
Not only by you
But by Daddy,
By my little brother
And by that other family I’ve made

I promised you I wouldn’t be scared
But I cannot tell a lie
Pinky promise or not
It’s gonna be hard to get by

But mama I’m okay,
Everything will turn out okay

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