True love

April 25, 2010
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where should i start,
when its coming from my heart,
i got to start the show so i got to let you know,
got to let it go everything i should have told,
so give me the beat so i can feel the heat,
so i can be the street and you can have a seat ,
i want to be your surprise feel your heart up with pride,
and when you start to cry i want to be the reason why,
when we hold hands its like love through a wire,
but when we start to kissing it just took us even higher,
love stands for everything that me and you both do,
your like wishes that i had and it really did come true,
me and you forever untill my heart stop,
i say this with passion and with a teardrop,
nothing or nobody can't stop us not even the baddest winds,
not even the baddest storms not even my hateful friends,
our love may continue carried by a dove,
so open your eyes and see my true love

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