Maria's Poem

April 25, 2010
By , Riverside, RI
corkscrew curls, and
deep brown eyes,
like warm cocoa
comforting me on a cold winter night, and
effie says you’re beautiful.

the scar under your
left eye,
the beauty mark you were born with but
you wouldn’t really know because
you’re buried in makeup you don’t need,
because you’re already beautiful.

boys always say you’re pretty but
when i tell you that
you just laugh, and
slink away, so graceful
you almost don’t notice
you’re limping.

most of the time i forget,
and you forget, even when you’re in

but you never forget
to smile, or the
hugs, and
mitchie says you’re strong.

i marvel at you, and i wish, but
you don’t believe in miracles but
you do believe in
hope, and
you say there’s always room for god
if you let him in.

but most of all,
you believe in life, and
emma says there’s no one
who has more spirit than you.

and it’s true, because
who else could ever be
so sweet and comforting and caring
and still carry around a bundle of fun with her.

and i have to smile at you because
you never give up on
fairy tale love or life or god
or yourself or anyone,
so i wish i didn’t have to
see you go through this.

and even though i know
you’ll be okay,
because you say you will,
i still worry, because
you’d do the same for me.

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