I Am From

April 25, 2010
By Anonymous

i am from
autumn days at oma and opa’s
swirls of colored leaves falling
coming to rest at my feet

i am from
ma’s impatience and
daddy’s stubbornness and
vavú holding grudges and
vavû’s quiet nature and
worrying and nervousness

but most of all,
i am from
ma’s comforting and
daddy’s strength and
oma’s sweet and caring nature and
opa’s joking around and
hannah’s independence

i am from
sunny afternoons with my cousins
climbing trees and running and shouting and playing

i am from playing hide and seek
under oma’s kitchen table
and popping out, shouting
“here i am!”

i am from
rainbows and sparkles and sprinkles
and laughter and smiles and hugs

i am from playing princess
dressing up in sparkly dresses and glitter crowns
then digging in the graden
in my good dresses and shoes

i am from rainy days
the rain falling, falling
and jumping in puddles
splashing my brother

i am from the beach
in the summers
catching waves and
crouching where the
wet sand meets the ocean
building sandcastles

i am from
days at the park
with my friends
doing nothing but
living every minute to the fullest

and i am from
pearl’s guidance
that has carried me along

i am from isaiah’s sweet kisses
that fill me up with comfort

i am from love

i am from
do-nothing afternoons
at the secret beach
being with myself

i am from daydreaming,
and asking why

i am from
sitting in the back of class
doodling and scribbling stories
but i have trouble creating lives i haven’t lived
and people i’ve never known
i write poetry
creating myself

i am from me

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