Earth Day in Space

April 25, 2010
Green grass is sliced down,
Cement replaces what is earth-bound,
Huge factories,
Makes black smoke jump up,
Choking the bird's lungs,
Highway trees' roots,
Shrivel and die,
I am finding it harder and harder to breathe,
Guns and bombs,
Let's throw away talks of peace,
And kill our enemies,
The grass struggles to grow,
Blossoms fall back to earth's chest,
Rain falls from great heights,
Just to land on her face,
I stand,
My feet bare,
Through the dirt,
Past the grass,
My feet stand,
I can feel her heartbeat,
Through my feet,
Fast and easy,
The same as mine,
But as my breathe is quick and shallow,
Her's is deep,
And slow,
Exhaling and inhaling,
I can feel the earth breathe.

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