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Bleedin’ Rocks

April 25, 2010
By Onyx_Gypsy BRONZE, Huntersville, North Carolina
Onyx_Gypsy BRONZE, Huntersville, North Carolina
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I should have been birthed to a stone wall
‘Least that would explain your lack of emotion, empathy
So strong, so tall, so resolute
Why couldn’t you be a stone wall?

So weak of you to use you fist to keep me in
Though my wall can’t move, the stone is strong
Strong enough to not just restrain me, protect me
From you

How pitiful of you to use me as your punching bag
How wrong it was for you to think me weak
With putrid breath, love hurts, you’d say
And nights like this I’d wish you turn to stone

Stone only hurts if you punch it first

You thought you could always crush me
The beatings I took mutely, the pain its own anesthetic
Each blow made me stronger, more immune
‘Till one day I knew my words could hurt you more than your fist ever hurt me

Now that I’m a woman
My skin is impenetrable, my heart is stone
I do love you, but I shall not grieve for you
As you are already dead to me

Thanks to you I’m strong enough to stand on my own
You stand in my path, in my way, in the door
And since you’re are not stone
I push past you to sovereignty

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