why should i care?

April 15, 2010
By R.S.RICKS GOLD, Rokdale, Georgia
R.S.RICKS GOLD, Rokdale, Georgia
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death and life the same but in diffrent forms so why try to change something you have no control over.

cry, cry that is all i do is cry no one to care alone in the night alone in a room so dark unseen a man ready to kill ready to destroy. no one to see no one to care ready to die alone in this dark unseen room. not even seen by the one called god unseen by all he turned his back to me no care or love there nothing but pain and distraction. no one can see. so why should i? why should i want to live when no one wants me to live when others do not wish for me to live? why should i care when no other dose? they care not of how i feel of how i bleed every night to end the torturous pain that ends but then starts again the next day

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and the pain that is in this world keeps on killing and all we can blame is ourselves. and until we all cahnge we will keep on killing. but the few that wants to change still needs to try even if it doesn’t do any good. until life ends it all

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