The Beginning of Forever

May 4, 2010
By Kassie Battani BRONZE, Grand Rapids Michigan, Michigan
Kassie Battani BRONZE, Grand Rapids Michigan, Michigan
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The Beginning of Forever
That girl has too many secrets to keep.
That girl is a drama queen and does not know where her life is going.
That girl is obnoxious and bugs everyone around her.
That girl is clumsy. She trips over almost everything, even flat surfaces.
That girl loves life… sometimes.
That girl has plenty of friends, but yet not enough to satisfy her longing to be loved.
That girl is four foot six, with a size one and a half shoe, but she’s still surviving her seventh grade year.
That girl stands out when in a crowd, because she is loud!

That girl was me. Now life is shaping up.

This girl is confident, in almost everything.
This girl has potential in her upcoming life.
This girl is strong when life throws out obstacles in front of her.
This girl figured out that she only needs a couple of good friends that love her, instead of having a lot of friends that don’t.
This girl talks about her problems instead of keeping them bottled up.
This girl plays a sport that is close to her heart, to let go of the day’s stress.
This girl is a dreamer. She dreams about the beginning of forever. Getting a job, and growing old with her best friends.
This girl hopes, hopes for the best.
This new girl can shine. She shines brighter than the sun.

I am proud of you, this new girl, which I have transformed into. I have learned that, in the end, all you’ve got is you…

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