When I smile I think of you

April 26, 2010
I think of you when I smile
I smile when I think of you
Either way I think about you
Never able to forget you
But I don't mind that

I think of how you'd love
The sight of the three quarter moon
As it hangs luminously
Amongst the deep blue sky
You and I would dance in the beams
Of that delicious moonlight
With laughter falling from our lips
And joy radiating among our hearts
You and I could be happy
Even if it was only in the moon
We be like the Swan Princess
One thing during the day
And smiling beauty in the light of moon
Our arms would link together
As I tell you how I tell people about you
"That's my sister" I tell them
"Different mother and father,
But that's my sister none the less"
And we'd smile and hug
Knowing that in a world with night
That doesn't last as long as day
And families that shun our uniqueness
We are snowflakes drifting down
No two the same exactly
But both are still snowflakes
And both are falling down
The decent seeming endless
But they are connected and they know
Even snowflakes have a place in the world

How I went from talking about moonlight
And dancing with laughter
To icey cold snowflakes falling
I'll never really know
But I suppose it's much like you and me
Neither of us follows the mold
That which they have set for us

All I can really say
Is when I smile I think of you

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