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April 14, 2010
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I see tendrils of gray-white curling
Writhing and twisting
Floating into the sky
As if it were some Bird of Ash
It comes from the smokestacks
Big pipes unload the waste
The sky changes Color with
The Smog
The Air is not breathable
There goes the Sky
I see Pollution everywhere
I see the World debating
I see the UN meet
I see
Nothing happening to Fix this World

The Oceans
Which were once Blue
Wshhhh Wshhhhh
Are Black waves of Massacre
Oil spills kill Life

Cities create Light
So much
Whatever happened to the Stars
Who have guided man
When it was Dark
Good old Polaris
Her position in the North
Shining Bright even at Midnight
And the great Lady Moon
Illuminating the Sky
But now
Look up into the Night
There is not even a handful of
Stars left to see

With no one’s approbation
Companies cut down Trees
Towers of Life and Wood
Are down from where they once Stood
Man does not understand
That he is Destroying himself
Man must respect Mother Nature
Treat her well
Dance with her
And should not step on
Her toes
They are
The Lifeblood of us

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