My World

April 28, 2010
My world was once filled
with a glowing light.
Like a firefly in the night.
There were only hints of despair.
A little shade of blackness
here and there.
My life was good,
I loved my friends.
I was perfectly fine
with being single.
But then I met you.
And you burned
like a growing fire,
lighting you from the inside out.
You blinded me.
You became my sun.
I thought you would always be here.
But you know how
to prove someone wrong.
Because I was left alone.
The darkness caved in around me.
Trapping me.
Suffocating me.
Drowning me.
Every night my eyes
shed tears.
My pillow became soaked,
It had the mold of my head
shaped into it.
It heard my screams at night.
It saw what no one else saw
and will never see.
It saw my broken heart
look for the pieces far
and wide.
It saw its grieving.
It saw it being broken more.
My friends told me
not to like him.
To move one
and forget about him.
But I couldn’t.
I wouldn’t.
I loved him
and knew what
was possible.
But I coaxed my doubts
with hopes that he
wouldn’t do that to me.
They told me
“I told you so”
whenever I was at my lowest.
Aren’t friends suppose
to help you get through
tough times?
Aren’t they suppose
to always be there?
To go and hurt the guy
that destroyed you?
Apparently I’m wrong a lot.
But oh well.
Id rather fall in love
and feel something
than have to live my life
not knowing.
I’m happy that you
made me fall for you.
All I wish is that you
wouldn’t have completely
destroyed me.
I wish you would have left
me at least a piece of my heart
so I could hold on to it.
I wish you would give me back
my heart instead of keeping
the pieces locked up.
I wish I could get over you.
But my wishes don’t come true
and I cant live without you…

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