A Far Far Away Place

April 28, 2010
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I will always remember when I came to this far away place

A place without order, reason, and pace

I had little to say but many questions to ask

a misfit I was, and a dream turned nightmare as time passed

but I soon realized that even this was no nightmare

rather an illusion turned reality, that even my own eyes couldn't bear

it was here I saw the corruption, the hate, the discrimination held so tightly in this place

perplexed I was, they told me this was of the African American race

The only investigation I did was look in the mirror and ask myself can I relate?

To discrimination, ignorance, immorality, and hate

bound I am to this cage, maybe I need to ask Maya Angelou “she knows why the caged bird sings”

Only thing is, this caged bird screams

The singing is over for I am stuck in this cage for life

no metal is required, for this cage is my own skin, in which I could possibly get discriminated from every side

For America there lies hope, peace, balance, maybe love and even pace

But no! America is the illusion and as fables are to their fairy tales, I am stuck in this far away place

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