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All Day, Every Day

“I think about you every day.”
The biggest cliché in the book, in my opinion.
What does that even mean? Nothing at all.
I think about a LOT of people everyday.
People can think about a million different things in a day.
So big whoop, you think about someone every day, along with nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine other things.
They must feel really special.
Now, I could tell you that I think about you every day.
But then I’d be lying.
Well, half lying really.
I think about you ever hour, every day.
All 24.
Even in my dreams.
Sometimes, I can be thinking about you for hours at a time, just day dreaming about what could be.
But then I remember what can’t be.
And that makes me sad.
So I think about you to make me happy.
Because you make me happy.
And then I start daydreaming about what could be.
And that’s my dilemma.
So thank you, for giving me something to think about every day,
Minute and
Of my day.

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