Fo Mah Homie

April 28, 2010
Its been a few rough weeks, months, years
Counting all the bad times with my falling tears
Never thought I’d see the light once more
Until you came around and opened up my door

You have shown me a new way
Of living out my little life
Making the most of each day
Going with the flow of each strife
Telling me its gunna be okay
Cutting through the despair with a knife

I was down and out in the fight
Didn’t know if I was doing right
You spoke such power into me
Now I know who I want to be

Through your actions you show
I can be what I once was
A side of me I didn’t know
An internal revolution just because
You invested in me to grow
The darkness withdraws

I don’t know what id do
Without best buds like you
The moral of this story:
You’ve given me everlasting glory

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