April 28, 2010
By Anonymous

You are my everything
How can it be this way?
Like air, I needed you
From the very beginning
Without even realizing
My ever growing need

Without you I’m left gasping
Like a fish stranded on land
A bird clipped from wings
I can only look to the sky
And wish for what I’m missing
To hold you near me again

The very though of you consumes
Like an ember eaten by flame
I flair higher, shine brighter
When I have you with me
It huts so deep, deep within
I keep coming back, again and again

I don’t know when my protests
Transformed to desire
Walls to bridges, barriers to gates
I try to stay strong, pretend I don’t care
But one look, one word, and all melts
Like dew beneath the song

I know I’m not your evertyhing
Having to always be there for you
When I’m not who you want
Is a burning stake in my heart
But when you hold me, tough me
I feels so warm, so loved

I wish I could have you as mine
Forever, every moment
But I know that cannot be
So I uproot you, tugging deeper, deeper
Pulling your roots from the core of my heart
Hoping I have something left

After I lose my everything

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