April 28, 2010
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When it comes to cellphones
we are like babies
not interested in

what is old and rusted
no flip phones without AIM, 3G connection
or a camera
only what’s shiny
and new
teenagers addicted
to texting
these handheld
entertainment systems

have become our
new best friend
substitutes for real
human beings
face to face communication
has become scarce and
a rarity
like polar bears
it is not small either
it is a phenomenon
a global take over

it has made is
distracted and detached
from the real world
fried our brains
and harmed
our seeing eyes
these cellphones
sthat we love so much
these handheld
entertainment systems
have let us hear
the voices of our
soldiers, loved ones
and our pride and joy
connected us in
ways the
1940's would’ve never
thought of
made us bold
with our words
and send that
text message
we were never
dared to send
cellphones have become
our everything
the one thing we would bring along if stranded
on an island
it’s the one thing
we choose to
pay attention to
while driving

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