My Light

April 28, 2010
I reach I stretch
Up, up towards the light
I try so hard but I can’t
I can’t seem to get there

So close I feel it’s warm
Radiant light
But still I can’t reach
I just can’t reach

I scream and beg
For anyone, anyone
Someone please help
I’m trapped here, scared

After years, centuries
Of calling and begging
And screaming
I feel a hand grasp my own

This hand harshly pulls me
Up toward his face
If you can call it a face
Evil and contorted, it smiles

“no one will dare to come And
Help u here, u are nothing You
Are mine now” it says
As its bawling laughter pierces my ears

This creature pulls me up
Just a little bit more, I feel
Like I can taste the light
So soothing it’s beautiful

Then drops me so far
Down, down I fall
Endlessly I fall, falling
Falling, and I can’t see the light

It’s gone….

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