How to be Persuasive

April 28, 2010
Be the Little Engine That Could’s egotistical cousin.
I know I’m right I know I’m right.
To sell your solution, first you must buy it yourself.
Listen to their lament, appear attentive,
But really you are unraveling the thread of their logic, creating all the holes.
Stick your needle in and widen.
Tell them you understand where they are coming from,
Even if they are coming from Pluto.
Don’t laugh.
Grit your teeth, set your jaw.
Explain why you’re right. Black and white.
Open their eyes so they can see it,
Staring them right in the face.
When they lean, pull them in.
They made the right choice.
Save a life, save a relationship, save an outfit,
Win the battle.

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