Modern Day Princess

April 25, 2010
By kk10TM GOLD, Burlington, Kentucky
kk10TM GOLD, Burlington, Kentucky
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The look on her face says she's been here awhile.
Her hair's all a mess, but he can't help but smile.
A modern day princess, her dreams have been shattered.
She's given up on the things that once mattered.
She's done with the waiting, tired of kissing the toads.
She's walked hundreds of miles down all the wrong roads.
She's given up hope that her prince will soon come,
So she downs magic potions that make her feel numb.
She's seen it all, yes, she's heard all the lies.
He sees something more behind those sad eyes.
He's a modern day Romeo from a cruel little town.
He once had dreams, but they've been shot down.
He understands her since he's been there, too,
Each forever searching for something that's true.
He's found the glass slippers, but not the right feet.
He's met the stepsisters who pretend to be sweet.
Watching her now, he longs for a chance
To ask for her name and then ask for a dance.
He catches her eye and she offers a smile,
Something she hasn't done in a very long while.
So he walks on over and offers his hand.
They step on the floor and they move with the band.
Her head on his shoulder, he holds her close.
With every last heart beat, his love for her grows.
Though the song's over, he holds her tight.
He kisses her lips and she knows that it's right.
She looks up and smiles; he looks down with a grin.
"Happily ever after is waiting. Girl, just say when."
"Blue eyed boy," she says, "you're full of surprises.
If this is our night, I hope the sun never rises."

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Written 4-23-10

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