Glass Lies

April 3, 2010
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Glass lies line the shelfs in the corner of your mind
Containers of lies
A crescent of your bloody lipstick rims the to of each used
Toxic shadows dance on the walls above to the music of the demonds dancing
Freezing thunder clouds full of burning rain swirls inside
Whispering my name
Singing lullabys of sweet nothings and fairy tales of happily ever after
Webs of stories that catch each tear and hold my in place
Suffocating me till you can come
Soon you'll put me in your silver drawer to sleep forever
I want to believe you but how can I?
When shards of truth find their way under my nails
Poisen down my throat
And venom to my eyes
No one sees inside beneath the fake smiles
And blue water under my skin
Maybe one day you'll run out of your glass lies

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