Trembling Fire

April 3, 2010
By moomjy BRONZE, Tenafly, New Jersey
moomjy BRONZE, Tenafly, New Jersey
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The simmering heat rises and sinks
There is an orange glow with
A blazing blue cradling it below
While snaps of firework sparks
Spring out from its columns of energy
But the power is soon to leave,
The fire begins to tremble

Trembling for survival
It’s lonely
And dyeing

I glance around me
People chit and chat
Unaware of what loneliness is
Roasting marshmallows
Upon the trembling fire

The night swiftly crawls through the sky Inviting devil clouds
Filled with raging gods
Releasing their anger with roars of furry

The roars increased
And the trembling fire
Begins its decease from the unfair, and harsh life
Of loneliness

My head flings backward
For the Trembling fire to burn out
And the gods to release their hazardous abilities

Screams and squeaks flow
Through the moist air
As they flew like busy bees for the stairs
I chuckle at their arrogance

Only once
Will you be able to be alone,
With the mighty gods

Tears shriek and fall from above
My summer dress
Sticks to the curves of my body
Like glue
And my hair flies with me
Swinging in circles
Arms lifted high
As if I’m giving thanks

The blissful grin on my face spreads
While I leap foolishly
And bolts of striking electricity currents
Smash from pier to pier

But Only once
Will you be able to be alone,
With the mighty gods

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