April 3, 2010
By Anna135 SILVER, Centennial, Colorado
Anna135 SILVER, Centennial, Colorado
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Being perfect doesn't mean that you never make any mistakes, being perfect means you make your own mistakes and you learn from them.

You say not to worry,
But I no longer trust the ones I love,
Seems like such a hurry,
Why do you never listen?

You always tell me what to do,
You keep telling me how to feel.
I cannot control how I feel,
I cannot control my thoughts.

I only want some one to help me,
Does no one realize?
How can they not see the pain in my smile?
I’m dying inside.

Can’t you see my fake smile?
Can’t you see the tears I’m crying?
Can’t you hear my heart breaking?
Why can’t you feel my pain.

I find it amazing,
How you can’t see.
Or is it that you don’t care?
Come save me.

You tell me what you expect,
I try to be perfect,
I have never wanted anything from you,
Nothing but your love.

I never thought it would hurt this much,
To be unloved,
It is to be,
Nothing at all.

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