April 3, 2010
There is no value
In an empty life.
When you are alone,
All you can do is
Try to breath,
But sometimes,
Not even that.
I feel as though I drown
In empty solitude.
The air is gone,
And I am suffocating.
I need him
To come back for me,
To restore my air,
Restore my life.
When you feel like this,
What do you do?
You die.
You die inside,
And you can't be restored.
There will always be
Some part of you
That remains dead
And broken,
Never able to be healed.
It remains dead until
You regain what you've lost
And can breath again.
That one person
That will breath life
Back into you.
When he returns for me,
If he ever will,
I will heal.
I will be able to
Live again.
But until then,
I am empty,
Without life.

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