Scorpio Eyes

April 12, 2010
By Bushido_Soul SILVER, East Peoria, Illinois
Bushido_Soul SILVER, East Peoria, Illinois
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"Death before Dishonor and Honor before Death." Or "Die rather than face Dishonor, and face Death with Honor."

The eyes of a scorpion are said to be the most beautiful on this Earth; Powerful and full of terror that brings menacing awe to all those who look upon them. This passionate vision is two-fold, it holds determination beyond any restraint, and Honor above all men’s power; and yet it bears obstinacies born from sapience, and pain untold by any history. The intensity of my gaze that pierces the soul; and this ability of mine that allows me empathy adequate to perceive all emotion; it is something fearful in its essence, and magnificent in all its possibilities.

The flowing streams of my life’s blood coursing through my veins are that of a natural disaster unprecedented in its devastation; only truly described as tsunamis of my limitless will, and hurricanes of humanities unending agony. But there still the peaceful healing rains that pour down onto every soul and flow into the rivers of life, feeding hope into our race. These sights are carved deeply into my soul, and seen in these battered eyes as scars of every battle past in the seas of time.

No blindness in the eyes of men can hide the truth of this absolution; the souls of sapience can never be shielded from true view. These eyes I hold will seek out righteousness with the fury of divine justice, and the swift precision of a warrior artist. My blade of vengeance which stings with every stroke will show mercy to very few, and provide the ultimate salvation in karmic death of sinners.

Locked away in chapels of corruption, there are Templaric seers who speak of justifiable means, atrocious in the eyes of purity, as well as rights for unholy retribution in pursuit of utopia; murder in the path to false peace. This endless ocean of rage and malice blocks potential from soaring, and aiding men in their journeys of self annihilation; this infinity of monsters all too human in their form, and yet alien to our eyes, and horrific beyond understanding in their black hearts; deadly beasts from the core of Tartarus.

These eyes I have, these windows to every soul I come across, they see so much cruelty and chaos. Their vision aches heavily as they cry for rest and rehabilitation; for all those they feel, and even those they have yet to see. These eyes of mine show so much potential; for salvation; but also for the damnation they crusade against, to become the monstrosities they battle. Contradictions to my contemplations are abundant; what I know is wrong, and what I perceive as right, they all move to what could ruin us all. This is my blessing, and yet, this is my curse.

The author's comments:
This poem holds a dearness to my heart for being something I wrote nigh spontaniously. I just began writing and it all came out in this form. I rarely recieve compliments on my looks, but when I do, they always refer to my eyes. At different times I've heard many things. At one time, quite some years ago, I was told they radiated with the hatred and despair my soul could not contain. But as I learned to love, I soon found they were described as wise and gentle.

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