Diamond in the Rough

April 27, 2010
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Diamond in the Rough

He is the rock you pass by everyday.

Glanced at

Kicked aside

Stepped on

Just another rock.
Just another day passing by and you kick it. Why? No reason. Just because you can kick it. But this time, something is different. Spinning in mid air you see it crack. It GROWS


GROWS you see a sparkle, a shimmer inside. As it pluments to the ground the last worn down piece of stone holdding him together breaks apart. Laying on the rough pavement a beautiful, rare jewel sparkles back at you but it has been broken beyond repair. A wave of grief and dissapointment washes over you as the words I didn’t know form on your tounge. The wave is quickly washed back to sea though the moment a new thing catches your eye.

That night as you toss and turn in your sheets an image suddenly is plastered to the black canvas of your eyelids. Its just another rock but still you find yourself thinking “if I only would have known what was on the inside.” But sadley it will be too late because by then you will have already found, and lost your one and only diamond in the rough.

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