Tell me the truth

April 27, 2010
By , cave creek, AZ
You say
It is not true
But I know
You say
It is not you fault
But I know
Your lying
You say
What you want
You tell me
But listen
For I don’t
Repeat myself
So listen
I can tell
By you eyes
All you say is
Never true
Never true
Tell me what is true
Not just what I want to hear
Tell me you are not lying this time
Because I have a good ear
Your eyes betray you
every time
Is that twinkle another lie?
Don’t joke around
For I want to know
What is real
And what is dope
Please tell me
You love me
But don’t lie this time
Because I know
I know
I always do
So boy,
Tell me what is true, not what I want to hear
I can take it.
I am strong
I just want the truth
Is it really that wrong?

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