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April 27, 2010
By Shanaya. SILVER, New Haven, Connecticut
Shanaya. SILVER, New Haven, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
Never judge a book by its cover.

The important thing about me is….

I am a dreamer

I dream in hopes of maybe, just maybe, one day finding true love, because when I think I am in love. I always end up getting hurt, and not even Elmer’s glue can fix my broken heart.

I dream of ending global warming so the word can finally stay clean.

I dream of graduating high school and being shipped off to Yale w/ fragile written on the box.

I dream of escaping New Haven City.

I dream of seeing my liddle brothers first girlfriend.

I dream of having a best friend who will actually listen to my problems and agree, but never judge.

I dream of becoming a medical examiner and performing millions of bloody autopsies.

I dream of flying to Europe, faking an accent, and being in a fashion show.

I dream of getting married, and staying married, and maybe having some kids.

I dream of seeing the end of racism, discrimination, and stereotypes w/ out forming new ones.

I dream of standing up to the bully everyone seems to avoid.

I dream of expressing how I really feel when Im hurt instead of scraping my heart, mind, and soul w/ out the possibility of getting a band - aid .

I dream of staying small because gosh darnit I love being fun sized.

I dream of passing college algebra w/ flying colors or atleast doing the homework .

I dream of exposing liars to the person they are on the inside.

I dream of being the best god mommy I can be for my Prego sister, and her twins : )

I dream of getting along w/ everyone minus the phony females.

I dream that one day soon, I’ll wake up and turn these dreams into reality.

Im a dreamer because I cant wake up.

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