Please try to forget

April 27, 2010
By Anonymous

Please try to forget all the things you have told me that made me smile, try to forget about the times you’ve called me, forget all the times we laughed together, all the times I helped you thru the hard times, all the secrets you’ve told me, forget all the times I told you I loved you, forget all the times you made me feel perfect in the worst times of life. Just forget everything we had together, just please forget, forget everything. I was perfectly fine before this, I was fine, I was the daughter my parents loved, I was the sister that was fun, I was the oldest from my family but now a days I feel the youngest and depressed. I wear black all the time, I feel betrayed, heart broken but not lost, I sometimes feel that my heart is cold hearted, and black, pit black with not even a tint of emotion nor love. You made me this way, as well as myself. Just please try to forget what we had, please.

The author's comments:
umm i was just thinking of this guy that our relationdhip has changed for the worse

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