Remember Me.

April 27, 2010
The day I’m not there,
You’ll be questioning it.

The day I’m not there to catch you,
You’ll fall and get hurt.

The day I move,
You’ll try to find me.

When I’m no longer here,
You’ll regret not saying the truth.

The day I walk away,
That’s the day you’ll finally realize.

The Day I’m gone,
You’ll miss me.

The day I turn my back on you,
Is the day you’ll know you messed up.

The one time I tell you off,
That’ll be the day you understand how much I care.

The day I stop talking to you,
You’ll fight to get me back.

The day I say good-bye to you,
Is the day that I forget you.

The day I ignore you,
You’ll scream until I talk back.

When I’m gone,
You’ll always remember me.

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