Was it worth it?

April 27, 2010
I'm only eighteen and have never been in a war
but I'd like to say,
That all those men who gave their
lives in one day
They thought about you
They thought about me
Before they left following that light
all those men went to war
Oh, but little did they know
they were going to die
Leaving thoughts in other people's lives
Leaving those who they love
And those who loved them,
Little did they know they were going to suffer
that they were going to cry
That they were going to wish it was all done and gone,
and you, what have you done?
What have we done?
Nothing, but goof around
Those men over there they died
for your rights
They died so you could have that life
our ancestors didn't have
And now I ask you to look around
and answer this question from the bottom of your heart
Was it worth it?

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