April 27, 2010
By Anonymous

Thinking, thinking hard,

Thinking with the rain pouring down
At the drenched-grass ground

Thinking with the snowflakes swirling
Around the nature-filled area

Thinking, thinking hard,

Thinking while the busy people walk by
The tall buildings and short houses

Thinking while the backed up cars honk
Their over used horns

Thinking while the homeless musicians play their lively saxophones
To the dimes clinking together in the case

I’m thinking even harder why the bees buzz and why frogs hop
And how airplanes fly and how two times two equals four

I’m thinking harder than a punch in the face what the five senses are-
How we use them, why we use them, also who can’t use them

And I stop thinking.
I get a feeling in my heart and decide to follow it

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