The Worlds Eyes

April 27, 2010
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Different people
See the world
Through different eyes.

A child, see’s the world
Through wonder, surprise, excitement,
Confusion, glorious
And all things
Those things they do not understand,
the things we say, they are too young
To understand. Why don’t they understand?
Is it really because they have not
Seen and experienced enough
In this world?
Or is it because,
Of the innocence they hold, and we do not break that?

A writer,
Or poet
Might see the world, as a
Story, a big long story. The story
Of their lives. It just keeps going. They think
About the world like they would about there
Books and poems. They think more and more
Then they know. They see things descriptively
And deeply and share it to the world.

The business man
See’s the world
As a place to get somewhere.
To get something:
Money, fame, family, love.
Whatever it is they see
The world as there place to
Get things done
Don’t know
Where their life may be headed.
They just keep walking on
And on
And on.

And you
How you see
You wonder you
The child
The writer
The business man
And many, many, more eyes
The world has many eyes.
More than we know. Many
Eyes to see the world
And many to contradict.
How you see you wonder you wonder.
And now you think.
You make up your mind
Or maybe you don’t
Another pair of eyes
To add to our list.

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