want I want

April 27, 2010
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What I want in life is not much
A car perhaps or a friend I can trust
A boat, a plane, there all the same

What about fame, or glory
Or wealth and land
How about a servant that can play in a band
Or a son that will turn into an amazing man

What about the power to shape the world
To mold it into anything I desire
To be able to bring about world peace
So are sons and daughters won’t die in vein
That’s what I want is for us to be humane and not gamble with our lives like some poker game

Oh I know grant me good looks and charm
The ability to go far, far beyond what I thought possible
Let me dream to the point of insanity where I can’t tell the difference between life and fantasy

Now look at me and look at you
We both know what we want but we don’t know what to do
Look at me again have I changed. Not a bit
Because these things take time

So be patient

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