The Principle People

April 3, 2010
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We are called, the principle peoples, natives with

another language, code talkers is what the

intruders called it once they secretly listened to the

broken words trying to interpret it in english. Let

them be.. I said I stood there and listened because I

have too much pride to sit while my family talks

about the hurt of the white men, about what they

can do and what they did and they said : They came

with their guns an outnumbered the indian men so

we rode on wild horses aiming our bows at them

however technology has changed so a bullet with

no name strike’d us all in the backs, our

tomahawks and lances didn’t shield us like we

thought, we stabbed and fought for killing our

sisters and brothers only to get killed too. We rode

into the night terrorized their camp with fire and

every weapon we knew how to use, but, their tools

was much bigger, bombs and rifles blew us away

did more damage than a regular death. why wasn’t

there a warning after taking us captive it was

hopeless to complain because no one understood

our language so how could we runaway if we were

only running to get sent back to the pain and

forbidden land we owned but was overthrown? How

could this be! War on our turf, our people have

been here and our ancestors grew up here and we

are sent away.. it hurts to know that years back

today would of been a different place. The trail of


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