An Ode To... No-Fog Goggles

April 3, 2010
By Anonymous

An Ode To … No-Fog Goggles

O how I wish I had no-fog goggles;
They might come in handy when my coach gets mad
And makes us do a long set.
O boy I wish I had

Those no-fog goggles.
They would be quite nice
And then maybe I wouldn’t die every set.
Do take my advice

When buying goggles, get the
No-fog type;
‘Cause then, after every treacherous lap,
You won’t gripe.

Why do I have these troubles?
Neptune didn’t have these problems;
So why should I
Be the one stuck with them?

I’ll tell you why it’s those no-fog
Goggles I have to get.
‘Cause then when I feel a strong set coming on,
I won’t have to break a sweat!

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